The Story of MES

Pete McAllister, co-owner of McAllister Electrical Services, always knew that Cascade was the place he would call home.

As a young boy, Pete (Byrd) grew up north of Cascade on a small family farm with his parents, six brothers, and one sister, which taught him all about the value of a job well-done: “Growing up with all brothers and one sister on the farm was one of the greatest things in my life. There was always something to do, and we always had to get the work done. My dad was the most important part of my life, and the hardest working man I ever knew.”

Once he graduated high school, Pete left home to enlist in the Army. Though it was hard to leave the farm behind, going through basic training and spending time away showed Pete that he had what it took to take risks and succeed: “The Army was an eye-opening experience that I will never forget. You learn to grow up fast and take care of yourself. [I made] lots of good friends and good times, and I’m proud to have done it.”

Byrd decided to become an electrician after his Army days while job shadowing his older brother: “My brother, Marty, was doing it, and he got me into the field. After I got going on it, I knew it was for me as it was very interesting and challenging. As I grew into it, I knew I wanted my own business, and I worked hard to get there.”

In 2002, Pete and his wife Chris saw an opportunity to do just that back in his hometown of Cascade. Many electricians in the area had recently retired, and though the town was small, it housed several small businesses, industrial facilities, farms, and homes that would need someone they could trust to service their electrical needs. For the past 15 years, Byrd and Chris have grown their company to train and employ dozens of people with McAllister Electrical Services and provide “service that matters” to Cascade and the surrounding communities.

Proud to be Veteran-Owned and Providing for our Community

McAllister Electrical Services is devoted to supporting our local nonprofits and community events and organizations, including those that care for our veterans.

Our Team is Growing!

If you’re looking for a new job to continue your electrical career or if you want to begin your study of the field, we want to support you. Click below to learn about our commitment to educating the next generation of electricians or to inquire about our current open positions.

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