For those who work in acres not hours, we know you don’t have time to waste waiting for power.

At McAllister Electrical Services, some of our favorite projects are when we get to help those in the agriculture industry supply their buildings, construct a new building on their property, or make their operation safer and more energy efficient.

Power Supply

As your operation grows and your needs change, our team is equipped to provide service that matters to you. We can help plan the power layout of your building, run wires, install fixtures and control panels, and tie into your power grid.

Underground Boring

Want to update power on your property without trenching into your yard or tearing up your driveway? McAllister Electrical Services has an underground boring system and experienced electricians to minimize mess on the jobsite.

Energy-Efficient Solutions

Power your property with clean energy with years to come to lower your carbon footprint and reduce your energy bills. Talk to our McAllister Electrical Services team about solar panels, alternative energies, and more 21st century solutions.

We love helping you grow your farm operation

Click below for some of the stories of how we’ve helped farmers over the years.

Some of my favorite projects are working on grain bin setups and hog and cattle barns.

Daniel Husmann, McAllister Electrical Services electrician

Let us get to work for you.

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