A 2020 comes to a close, it’s time to look ahead at 2021 to plan and anticipate what electrical trends will be the forefront of the industry. Even though 2020 was extremely unpredictable for individuals and small businesses, our team at McAllister Electrical Services continued to work hard to complete the jobs for our clients. In 2021, we can expect to see a focus on clean energy services and products.  With that, it’s up to businesses like ourselves to offer our clients more green options for their residential and commercial buildings. 

On a larger scale in the coming year, new technologies, new techniques, and new demands from customers will continue to shake things up. Some of the forces that will drive those changes are already underway. Automakers’ increased shift toward electric vehicles could help enhance the electric grid via charging infrastructure and battery storage development. They might even seek to become renewable and electric service providers. Technology companies may also do the same as they enable vehicles, homes, and businesses to serve as distributed energy resources (DER) in addition to consuming them. All these companies are looking to establish a strategic foothold in a new energy landscape. A new type of light technology is organic light-emitting diode (OLED). OLEDs can be seen in mobile phone displays, cameras, and ultra-thin TVs. They make it possible for light sources to take new forms and can be made flat or flexible. These are expensive to produce and difficult to recycle, which isn’t exactly in line with the clean energy transition that’s expected for 2021. Therefore, research is underway for alternative OLEDs that are inexpensive to manufacture and easier to recycle. 

Looking more towards our business model, the clean energy options will impact the type of lighting products and services we offer. In addition to LED lighting, solar panels, and other energy efficient options, our team is dedicated to discovering ways to incorporate new technology into our services. We will continue to research the latest developments in the electrical industry. 

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