Last month we shared ways we at McAllister Electrical Services can help update your outdoors for recreation and fun. Now it’s time to get down to business and share some of our commercial projects.

Although we love being part of new builds, we also offer power supply planning, fixture and receptacle installation, and are always happy to visit for ongoing service calls.

We have enjoyed being on the team for many new buildings with the Menards corporation. Such an extensive build is really something to see, but we are proud of our work behind the scenes too. We are sure that our work is beautiful inside and out.

In addition to new projects, we also enjoy renovating historic buildings. Our small town and the amazing buildings in it were built more than a century ago. Our structures have good bones, but the electrical work often needs upgrading or replacement for safety. This is especially important if your business has specific needs, like commercial restaurant appliances.

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Every commercial build is a little bit different and we enjoy planning and carrying out the specifics for each industry. In our work with Premier Bank, you can see our style right up front in the lighting above the tellers and in the seating area. But behind the scenes, the special security and communication needs are made possible with our careful planning and execution of fixtures and receptacles.

We’ll stick around beyond just the initial build. Commercial-level buildings need commercial-level maintenance which we are eager to provide. We love our ongoing relationships with our clients. We hope that you don’t need to contact us in an emergency, although we will definitely respond quickly to your call. In the meantime you can count on us for basics like minor updates or changing out lighting.

Read more about our commercial services here.

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