This Veteran’s Day, thank you for remembering those who gave of themselves to support our country and its values. We at McAllister Electrical Services love being part of this amazing American small town that appreciates service members.

Veteran’s Day is especially important to us at MES as Pete, one of our founders, is an army veteran. Pete enlisted in the army right after high school in 1981. He learned a lot and appreciated his time in the service. He is proud to be a Veteran and continues to serve others.

Since his honorable discharge he looks for opportunities to give back to his small town, especially through his involvement in Cascade Legion Post 528.

In addition to supporting the legion through his membership, he gives back with his vocational skills.

The Cascade Legion Event Hall is a favorite place in our community. When they wanted to add a comfortable outdoor space, MES relocated electrical lines, installed outdoor receptacles, and installed outdoor lighting. Now event goers have a place to get some air that is still close to the excitement inside.

McAllister Electrical Services also assisted in a new garage construction near the Legion Hall to provide storage space for the facility.

Last year’s Independence Day parade was the stuff of a Norman Rockwell painting. It was everything a small town celebration should be. 

The day was especially important to the Cascade Legion as they celebrated 100 years. The legion was established after World War I in 1921.

McAllister Electrical Services celebrated the legion with our float recognizing the important milestone.

Pete isn’t the only veteran on our team. Jake Knepper serves in the National Guard.

Thank you for choosing us for your electrical service needs. And thank you, veterans, for your service.

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