animal-black-breed-162149You may not know this about us, but Pete and Chris McAllister, owners of McAllister Electrical Services, are true dog lovers. Over the years, they’ve had the privilege of raising multiple labradors from pups, and they can’t imagine life without their four-legged friends.

As their pups grew, Pete and Chris often relied on the services of a local Cascade family whose business really goes a paw above! At Stone Hollow Dog Training and Boarding, families like Pete and Chris’ find a premier dog training and boarding facility where dogs and their owners receive tailored solutions, training, and education. Located in rural Cascade, Iowa, on 42 acres of wooded land, dogs have plenty of room to run, swim, and get active, and families can get tips for puppy training, boarding for those times when they travel out of town, and all the little things dog owners regularly need, like proven-healthy Purina brand dog food.


As the McAllister’s pups grew over the years, so has the Stone Hollow business. Since their founding in 2007, Stone Hollow has expanded their services and their facilities in order to accommodate more dogs and families in their programs. Through this growth, we at McAllister Electrical Services had the opportunity to step in and provide service that matters in 2018, when our team was called in to help them plan, light, and wire a second training and storage room, as well as new kennels for their visitors.

Expanding the Facility for Growing Business

This room at Stone Hollow Dog Training & Boarding is the second training room in the facility and was built years after the business began because they needed more space for their in-demand services. It also had plenty of height, so a stairway and second-level storage space were added to help house all the necessities that accompany training dogs of all ages and sizes.

In this area, owner and head trainer, Tory, teaches his students commands such as “sit,” “place,” and “heel,” while also instilling behavioral tools such as off-leash dos and don’ts through the use of e-collars. In addition to family-friendly tools and tips, Topping also works with therapy animals, providing extensive training to help these dogs assist their owners in everything from daily tasks to health needs to pet therapy.

It was here that our team helped with the installation of overhead lighting to illuminate the training space and to install receptacles to power features like the phone lines, stereo system, overhead doors, and security features needed in this type of business.

The second room of the Stone Hollow addition was the kennel. During training stays, dogs also receive instruction in this room to learn behavior basics of sleeping in a kennel or crate, but overnight guests also occupy this room when at the facility for boarding services.

Here, our MES team added creature comforts for the guests, such as bright lighting and overhead fans, while making sure the controls were easily accessible for the Stone Hollow team.

Thank you, Stone Hollow!

Though the finished product at Stone Hollow is beautiful and functional for this growing small business, some of our favorite parts of the project are the things we can’t show through pictures.

The expertise and loving care provided by the Topping family and their staffers cannot be matched, and we were happy to help them grow their business. To get in touch with their team, check out or email

Thank you, Stone Hollow and Tory and Abby for being loyal customers (and great boarders to our own dogs) for several years!

If our team at McAllister Electrical Services can help your small business grow into a larger commercial space, give us a call at 563-852-7484.

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