Farmers work hard year-round to provide valuable services for us in Eastern Iowa and throughout the U.S., and we at McAllister Electric Services take great pride in being able to serve the agricultural sector with their vast and varying electrical needs.

All of us benefit from the hours of work farmers put in, and we enjoy giving back when we can. Our agricultural services include (but are not limited to): sow units, solar units, bin setups, beef production confinement buildings, and underground boring.  Read more in this edition of the MES Spark Blog!

  • Sow Units: Proper design and installation of swine facility electrical systems are crucial to using electricity efficiently, providing safety for workers and animals, and minimizing potential fire loss. Inferior wiring causes hazardous conditions for livestock and humans, expenses of early rewiring of many buildings, and possible fires. Many wiring practices that are acceptable for use in our homes are unsafe when used in livestock housing because of exposure to dust, moisture, corrosive gases, and physical damage. Our crew at MES understands the correct and efficient practices needed for safe wiring in hog confinement buildings and we would be happy to help you with a future project! 
  • Solar units: Solar units make operations more effective and efficient and when compared to traditional power options there are several advantages including: improved installation costs, savings on your monthly bill, and reducing your carbon footprint. In 2017, a farmer in Cascade consulted our team for solar panel installation at two of his farms. Pete met with the farmer to discuss his current energy needs and costs and gathered preliminary information. From there, Pete talked with local electricity utilities (Maquoketa Valley REC and Alliant Energy) to discuss the plan and determine state incentives. During installation our crew located underground lines to avoid, installed framework to hold the panels, set panels in place, and wired everything together to begin energy production.
  • Bin Setups: When it comes to grain bins, electricity can pose a major safety hazard. McAllister Electrical Solutions can help avoid any issues, meet standards, and improve the safety of your grain bins. We recently assisted with a new 480-volt service for grain set up at Catlett Farms Inc near Hopkinton. We truly appreciate providing services that matter to your farms!
  • Beef Production Confinement Buildings: Similar to sow units, beef production confinement buildings require an understanding of the distinct way the wiring processes differ from residential homes. Lucky for you, we can do just that. Our owner, Pete McAllister, loves working on cattle buildings because of the satisfaction on a farmer’s face when a project is done. In the past we have partnered with the Dubuque County Fair to bring updated panels and additional receptacles to their livestock barns for the 2017 fair. This allowed competitors better access to outlets for fans and other electric-powered devices to keep the animals cool. We also traveled to Georgia to work with Iowa Beef Systems on a cattle confinement building project in 2017. This large project included three buildings (each 1240’ long) that held a total of 6000 head of beef cattle.
  • Underground Boring: Underground boring is a form of trenchless drilling. This type of drilling can run utility lines and conduit under roads, waterways, and existing structures without disturbing them. There are several benefits to underground boring which include: reduced soil disturbance, single location to install multiple pipes, protect ecosystems and adjacent areas, reduced cost, limited landscape disruption, and ability to drill beneath surface obstructions. Last year, our team worked at the Bale Barn at 1193 Farley Road in Cascade to help them run electricity to a new warehouse building at their location. Rather than disrupt their traffic flow and trench the ground to run line, we used our underground boring trailer. 

Whatever your agricultural needs, McAllister Electrical Services has the knowledge and experience to get the job done right the first time. Give us a call today to see how we can assist you with your agricultural needs!

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