McAllister Electrical Services has had the privilege of working on several new builds and renovations for stores within the Menards Corporation over the years.

Through the years, McAllister Electrical Services has worked with numerous business and commercial entities to provide them energy-efficient service that matters. Over the past few years, some of our largest commercial jobs have been for the Menards home improvement store chain. McAllister Electrical Services is proud to work on several Menards locations in the Midwest and throughout the country to update buildings and expand to new locations as their company grows. These stores offer up everything you need to spruce up your home and property from flooring and cabinetry to landscaping block and fertilizer.

We’ve worked in communities like Iowa City, IA; Grimes, IA; Ames, IA; Muscatine, IA; and Lincoln, NE, to help bring the services of this home-improvement retailer to their citizens. In some locations, we helped as an existing location update their fixtures to LED, moved departments to different areas of the building, installed new receptacles for additional registers, and helped power new products. We’ve also assisted with brand-new construction of stores in Grimes and Ames, IA. Our most recent Menards project took place in Louisville, Kentucky to help them complete the wiring of their new building. 

Wiring a commercial building is much different than in other types of projects because large buildings have a much higher electrical load than small buildings, so we need to install equipment that is larger to handle that capacity. Our crew has to work closely with the developer and head contractor to analyze the blueprints, making adjustments where necessary to properly light and power every square foot of these facilities that are tens of thousands of square feet in size.

With a retail store in particular, we needed to plan for powering not only receptacles and overhead lights but also registers, customer service stations, accent lighting for a multitude of displays, and office spaces. In Louisville, we did just that. We had a crew working Monday-Saturday on all the fixtures, and were in constant contact with other experienced contractors and subcontractors to sufficiently plan and provide them with service that mattered from MES. Pete loves working with the Menards company to not only help them improve their buildings, but also help them better serve their customers too. 

Thank you, Menards, for choosing McAllister Electrical Services to partner with you on these projects.

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