As Eastern Iowa comes alive with spring agricultural activity, we at McAllister Electric in Cascade, Iowa are ready to support farmers. Whether you are ready to update existing properties or start something entirely new, we are proud to serve farmers in Iowa and beyond.

Solar Power Installation and Planning

As the weather brightens, consider how you can harness the power of the sun to bring green energy to your farming operation. Compared to traditional power options, solar units are more effective and efficient. You may consider solar power for its several advantages including

  • Improved installation costs
  • Monthly utility bill savings
  • Reducing your carbon footprint

Our company will meet with local electricity utilities to be sure you get the most of state incentives offered. We will locate underground lines, install framework to hold panels, set panels, and wire everything you need to begin using this efficient energy source.

Hog Unit Electrical System Design and Installation

Electrical wiring even in the best of homes won’t stand up in the agricultural sector. We at McAllister Electric will design and install swine facility electrical systems to use electricity efficiently, provide safety for animals and their caregivers, and minimize potential fire loss. 

We consider the exposure of wiring systems to dust, moisture, corrosive gasses, and physical damage when building the right plan for your confinement. Investing in a system from MES will prevent hazardous conditions or an expensive remodel in the future. We work with you to do things right the first time and are excited to plan a future project with you.

Beef Production Confinement Buildings

Like swine facilities, beef production confinement buildings need a careful understanding of agricultural wiring and the specific difficulties our systems will face. We love to work with farmers and see the satisfaction on their face after a job well done.

We have been honored to work with the Dubuque County Fair to bring updated panels and receptacles to the livestock barns. Competitors can now better access outlets and fans to keep their livestock comfortable.

We also enjoyed traveling to provide agricultural electrical services in Georgia with Iowa Beef Systems. This project housed 6000 head of beef cattle with three 1240’ long buildings.

Grain Bin Electrical Installation

Grain bin safety is a real concern here in rural Iowa. We are here to prevent any hazards associated with grain bin electrical installation. McAllister Electrical Solutions will be sure that you meet standards for a successful installation. We are proud to have assisted with 480-volt service for a grain setup.

We appreciate the challenging conditions that farmers go through to feed our communities. We are always up for a challenge and are excited to assist with your next project. If you are interested in any of these electrical services, or if you have a new, innovative idea, we look forward to hearing from you. 

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