We at McAllister Electrical Services love taking part in the revitalization of our historic Cascade, Iowa, downtown. Our small town has recently welcomed new restaurants, coffee shops, and coworking spaces. These old buildings have so much character to offer, but it is important to consider electrical safety with any renovation project. 

When our city was built more than 100 years ago, it was impossible to anticipate the amazing advances in technology we have seen. It is important to consider these advances as you plan a renovation.

Does your beautiful building need an electrical overhaul? Here are five things to consider.

Is there enough power for everything in your building?

“Quirks” of an old building, like lights flickering if certain appliances are running, are a sign that there is not enough power for your building. Maybe you know that certain appliances can only be plugged into certain outlets? Or you have caught on that only one large appliance can run at a time? Not only is this annoying, but it is also dangerous.

Do the breakers frequently trip?

Breakers trip when there is too much power being demanded of the electrical system. If breakers are frequently tripping, your system is overworked.

Do the breakers NOT trip?

Even more concerning than a frequently tripped breaker is one that does not trip when it should. This can cause systems to overheat and potentially cause a fire.

Are there obvious safety concerns?

We small-town Iowans have always been resourceful people, but sometimes previous owners didn’t depend on professionals for maintaining their electrical systems over the years. Are there obvious problems of faulty wiring? Do you see melted or uninsulated wires? If you notice signs like these, call a professional to analyze your electrical systems and simple changes that can be made to protect your building.

Do you need surge protectors on every outlet?

Modern electrical codes prevent the need for surge protectors on every outlet. Surge protectors can offer peace of mind, but they should not be necessary in the daily functioning of your building.

When to consider an upgrade

There comes a time when an electrical upgrade is necessary no matter how well a building’s original system was designed. This will improve both the safety and utility of the building.

We recommend an upgrade any time you plan to bring in new equipment that will add to the load on your electrical system.

Consider the immense electrical load that a commercial kitchen and beautiful lighting would add to a system. 

What would happen if a commercial freezer in a great new restaurant lost power? This would cause a huge financial loss of product.

Imagine how productive your coworking space would be if a modem would constantly trip or if the wireless internet was faulty. 

McAllister Electric has experience in new construction and renovation of treasured old buildings. We are excited to bring your vision to life and support success and productivity in your new venture.

Contact us for a quote or follow us on Facebook where we frequently share our current projects.

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  1. Thank you for pointing out that a breaker that fails to trip when it should is far more alarming than one that trips repeatedly. My sister said that the breaker regularly tripped and occasionally felt hot. I’ll advise her to hire home electrical contractors to examine her system.


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