It was only a few months ago that the clocks fell back and we reminded you to change the batteries in your smoke alarms as you prepare your home for the winter. Here we are in March, the clocks have sprung forward, and it’s time to change those batteries again.

We hope it seems like just yesterday, but chances are, fall seems like an eternity ago. We’re starting to get glimmers of spring and hints of putting winter behind us once again. If you too are getting the itch to work on warm-weather spring cleaning projects, read on for our tips.

Electrical safety

As you change the batteries in your smoke detectors, it is a good time to check other safety devices in your home. 

Fire extinguishers will have an inspection label. Check to see they are still current and are in a place where they might be needed like a kitchen or garage. They are no help hiding away in a basement corner.

Most outlets in your kitchen and bathroom are GFCI protected. Maybe you accidentally learned how to test and reset your outlets. If not, press the “test” and then “reset” button to be sure they are indeed tripping during a power surge.

Electrical appliances

Appliances function at their best when they are clean and free of dust. Pull your refrigerator away from the wall or out of its cabinet space. Vacuum the back, coils, below, and the grate in front. You will be surprised at the dust and grime you find! Also, this collecting dust makes your refrigerator work harder to keep a low temperature.

Take time to clean your stovetop, oven, and all around. The dust here can be greasy and hard to clean. Vacuum and dust first before cleaning with a degreaser product, a simple solution of dishwashing liquid works great.

Buried lines

Are you considering a garden this year? Raised beds are a great option. If you are opting to dig instead, you must call to have buried lines and pipes marked. In Iowa, that means contacting Iowa One Call. A representative will visit your home free of charge and mark any underground hazards.

Outdoor electrical needs

As you spend more time outside, be careful about bring electricity with you. Choose outdoor-safe extension cords only, and choose the right length instead of linking them together. Don’t leave indoor-only items exposed to the elements.

When to call an electrician

Basic electrical maintenance is essential to home ownership. If your electrical project requires more than a screwdriver, it’s probably a good time to give us a call. Other than the basics, like upgrading kitchens and bathrooms to all GFCI-protected outlets, we love helping with upgrades.

With summer just around the corner, check out our earlier posts about outdoor electrical upgrades and get on our books soon. Then when the great weather hits (and it will, soon!) you have all summer to enjoy your outdoor entertainment space.

Contact us to learn more.

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