Recently on our blog we have shared a favorite recent commercial project and our trend forecast for residential lighting. This month we are highlighting grain bin setups. You will see that grain bins and dryers are a whole other animal with unique electrical needs.

Most of your electrical needs can be met with a simple 120 volt outlet. You see these around your home and use them every day for small tools and appliances. Somewhere in your home you may have a 250 volt outlet. This provides power to large appliances like a clothes dryer or air conditioner.

These household outlets are powered by a 100-200 amp service in most homes. A large home with extensive electrical needs, such as heating, could use up to 400 amps.

Grain bins? Their electrical needs are going to start at as much as a house. There are many components to consider when planning the setup so the exact needs will uniquely calculated for each project.

In addition to bring electricity to the bin setup, we also have to be careful to keep power lines away from the bins. There are strict safety guidelines for how far away power lines must be from bins depending on the size.

Because each bin setup is so different, and because of all of the specifications involved, these projects have been some of our favorite to complete.

We helped to supply and set up the control room for the Grief family’s bin and dryer setup.

We were part of a rural Dubuque County farmer’s upgrade in 2021.

We worked with the Steckleins to get their grain bin and dryer set up ready for the 2020 harvest season.

Back in 2019 we brought a 480-volt service to Catlett Farms near Hopkinton, Iowa.

It’s hard to imagine an abundant harvest with the ground still frozen. Many of these projects take more than a year, so it’s never to early to get on our books for a grain bin and dryer system setup.

Contact us or learn more about our agricultural electrical services.

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