We’re looking ahead to 2023 at McAllister Electrical Services. Are you planning a new home build or considering a renovation? Lighting has so much to offer the look and feel of a space. Whether you want a bright, well-lit kitchen or a cozy den with all of the smart options, here are five bright ideas for interior lighting in the new year. 

Statement pendants

Statement pendants make a great focal point and help define different spaces. With a movement towards more open floor plans, it can be difficult to create cozy spaces. Define in intimate dining space with a statement pendant piece.

Features Lighting

Another way you can define spaces is by highlighting focal points in your home. 

Layered lighting

Lighting is as purposeful as it is beautiful. Multiple layers of lighting in your home covers all of those needs. Cabinets can be lit above to define your space and below for task lighting. Recessed can lighting brightens a specific area. And pendant lights above an island or breakfast bar invite people to gather.


Earth friendly materials like glass and rattan and organic shapes are popular in fixtures, but lighting is literally making energy saving improvements. LED lighting has made many advances so you no longer have to compromise appearance for energy efficiency. You can choose warm and cool tones and even install dimmers on LED fixtures.

Smart Lighting

Advances in smart lighting continue to amaze us and provide great options for beauty, function, and energy efficiency.

 There’s no better example of all of these trends than in a basement home theater.

  • Define a cozy space in a wide open floor plan with a statement light above a coffee table.
  • Highlight features of the home like uplighting above a fireplace, down a hallway to the restroom, or up the stairs.
  • Layer different types of lighting in the same space: Statement pendants, feature lighting, and task lighting for hobbies.
  • Keep it LED for energy efficiency.
  • Control it all from a smart device. Make your basement pitch black for the best theater experience and raise the lights again without leaving your chair. Dim or brighten the scene, or provide task lighting so everyone can enjoy hobbies with movies.

Contact Us

Let us know if you’d like help bringing any of these trends into your home in the new year. What trends do you foresee for next year’s post?

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